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Stephanie Conn is an ethnomusicologist specializing in the performance practice of Gaelic traditional music, with an ongoing interest in music of the 20th-21st centuries. Her research has been published in international academic journals and encyclopedias (British Forum for Musicology, The International Journal of Traditional Arts, Grove Dictionary of American Music). She is the Cape Breton contributor for Memorial University of Newfoundland’s forthcoming online exhibit of MacEdward Leach’s archival recordings.


Book, *Forthcoming from McGill -Queen’s University Press*:

A Cairn of Stones: Memory and Community in Cape Breton Gaelic Singing.

“Private tape collections and socio-musical transmission in mid-century Cape Breton: The Gaelic song tapes of Peter MacLean.” In The International Journal of Traditional Arts (Open Access Online Journal), Vol. 1:1, 2017.

“Fitting between Present and Past: Memory and Social Interaction in Cape Breton Gaelic Singing.” Ethnomusicology Forum. 21:3, 2012. 32 pages.
Society for Ethnomusicology Newsletter,Sep 2008
Download (.pdf) 

Review of “Chorus and Community,” ed. by Karen Ahlquist. Intersections: Canadian Journal of Music. Volume 28/2 (2008)

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Words from singers and Cape Bretoners Peter MacLean and Jeff MacDonald demonstrate the vital place of Gaelic language and song in their lives.

Short clip from my radio interview with composer Mark Mothersbaugh.
As we walk through his studio and instrument storage space, he talks about how he developed a musical ‘sound’ for Wes Anderson’s films.






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