Seeing things anew

FLickr-Explore-starOne of my favourite photography tricks is to shoot the same thing repeatedly — on different days, in different weather, and over a period of years. Somehow repeated attempts to photograph very familiar things forces one to see them differently, or in new way.

Last fall while staying on the south side of the Toronto Islands for a week, I took daily strolls on the beach to photograph the same shoreline. It was rainy the first day, blustery the next, snowy for two more, blindingly sunny and serene, then on the final day, stormy again. On that last day I walked out against the wind onto the decommissioned Pier near Gibraltar Point and took this photograph. And… wow. It seems to have resonated with many who see it, because it became a minor sensation on Flickr. 21,700 views, 200 favourites and counting make it my most successful photo since the mid-2000s. Thank you Nature, and persistence, and Artscape Gibraltar Point.

These days I’m seeing things anew in my professional life, too. If you’d like help with your writing, editing, producing or research projects, why not drop me a line? More info and a contact form are on my About page.



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